Responsible for all technical services in UK and Ireland


Uniconfort-UK is a UK based Company fully shared by Uniconfort Italy, responsible for all technical services in UK and Ireland.
If you require boiler service agreement, spare parts, technical works, boiler commissioning or the development of existing installation then please contact:
• Service Account & Logistics Manager, UK – Mr. Lee Metcalfe - T: 01400 283483 or email info@uniconfort.uk or lee@uniconfort.uk

If you require a new boiler please contact:
• Country Sales Manager, UK - Mr. Darren Wright - M: 0777 1757 409 or T: 01400 225 005 or email: darren@uniconfort.uk
• Sales Director, Italy - Mr. Stefano Barcheri - M: 0039 346 0675574 or email: s.barcheri@uniconfort.com

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